Today, our talk (with my team-mate David Gray) entitled Benchmarking HPC workloads on OpenShift got presented at 2021. It’s a reworked version of what we presented at SuperComputing 2020 - OpenShift Gathering. This talk was more focused on my benchmarking work.

In this session, we’ll demonstrate how we used OpenShift as a proof-of-concept high-performance computing (HPC) platform for running scientific workload.

We’ll present the set of tools and operators that were used to setup the HPC environment, then we’ll introduce two scientific applications, Gromacs and Specfem, that we benchmarked on this cluster.

We’ll detail in how we ran Specfem on OpenShift with the help of a K8s Go client coordinating the application build and execution; and we’ll introduce the tool we designed to run the extensive benchmarking.

Finally, we’ll present the performance results on a 32-node cluster comparing OpenShift with an identical bare-metal cluster. 2021